Why I Recommend Clicker Training For Your Dog Training

Clicker training is an alternative method of training dogs that doesn’t rely on force, correction or compulsion. It is a reward based training method that works well because it clearly shows a dog what he’s doing right and rewards him for it, rather than correcting him when he does something wrong.

Clicker training uses the principles of operant conditioning, which is the same techniques used to train seals and dolphins at Sea World. Whatever behavior is rewarded is repeated. In simple terms, whenever your dog performs the correct behavior, he earns a reward, and this makes him more likely to repeat that behavior.. To start, sit down with your dog and spend some time just clicking and treating. Every time you click, give your dog a treat, so he soon learns that the click means a reward is coming. When your dog cocks his head or pricks his ears when you click, he has connected the click with the treat. Then you can start to use it for training.

When your dog does something you want him to do, for example, sitting, click immediately his bottom hits the ground, and then treat. It won’t take very long before your dog understands the game, and is enthusiastically sitting in order to earn the treat. You can use clicker training to teach any behavior to your dog, and your dog will have lots of fun learning.

The great thing about clicker training is that the timing is so precise. You can specifically and accurately mark the behavior you want and by giving your dog such precise information, you make it easier for him to repeat it, and earn the reward. If you make a mistake, the worst you do is give your dog a free treat.

Clicker training can be used also to teach your dog tricks. Roll over, shake hands, and beg are just a few behaviors that can be taught using this method. You just have to click what you want and follow up with a treat, and you can have lots of fun teaching your dog new behaviors.

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