Top 6 Dog Behavior Problems and Solutions

Are you tired of your dog behavior problems?

I found an excellent article written by Rita on dog behavior problem. This article is published in

Do you get angry and frustrated because of bad dog behavior problem of your dog and end up hitting your dog?

You are not alone. I did an survey and found 87% of people are not aware of common dog problems and reasons behind it.

Here you will learn 6 common dog behavior problems. You will also get tips on how you can fix all those problems using dog training, equipments, harness, collar and lead etc.

1 Chewing

Four most common reasons for chewing are puppy teething, anxiety, curiosity and loneliness. You should a give a toy to chew and keep personal items away from your dog. If you ever catch a dog chewing the wrong thing, stop him with a loud "no".

2. Digging

Dogs dig because of hunting instinct, nesting, hiding possessions or to gain access of something. You should try to determine the cause of the digging, then work to eliminate that source. Best recommendations to stop digging are extra training and identify a certain area for your dog to dig.

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