Anti Bark Dog Collars

Sometimes a dog bark is your pet's way of speaking to you or protecting you from a suspicious stranger. But a constantly barking dog can also bring you unwanted noise and frustration. A trained pet with an occasional bark is the best pet solution for everyone.

Here are the types of anti bark collars. The preference of the owners on what to buy is in their decision.

The e-collars

The electronic bark collars or e-collars are anti bark collars which use static electricity as its correction tool.

When the dog starts to bark, vibrations are sent to the collar triggering the electric shock and making the dog realize that when he barks a shock is associated with it making it think otherwise. The dog collar comes in 6 adjustable intensities of the static shock. A beep will warn the dog before the shock will be done. The psychological training of cause and effect apply to all the anti bark collars.

Ultrasonic bark collars

This type of bark collar uses sound as its tool for the correction of the dog. The barking is tracked by the device in the collar and releases an ultrasonic sound which is irritating to the dogs making them stop barking or otherwise.

Anti bark collars come in different fitting designs for your dogs. They also have different marketing features like being water proof, durable and dog friendly. You can do dog training with compressed air anti bark collar.

Recommendation: You should check whether bark-free products are veterinarian tested and approved. Dog barking control, such as the dog bark collar, are also great training your dog both inside and outside your home.