Potty Training Puppies: Made Easy With 11 Top Tips

Potty training puppies is an essential part of the education of well behaved dogs. The problem with dogs is that they think they can dirty any place any time. Puppy potty training involves toilet training puppies so that they learn to drop their waste outdoors or in a designated indoor area at fixed times.

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Easy Tips For Potty Training Puppies

1. Potty training your puppy needn’t be an overwhelming task. Consider it as the first stage of a bonding process with your pet.
2. Start potty training a puppy as soon as you get him home. You will have to be patient as puppies do not have full control of their urges until they are about 10 weeks old.
3. Think of a puppy potty train command to use every potty time, like “pee pee time” or “go potty”. When you see your pup getting ready to do his thing, say the command words.
4. When potty training a puppy, if you notice him sniffing and circling around or even in the middle of the act, grab him and quickly take him to his potty box. Give your command words to go potty.
5. During the dog toilet training, take him to the same spot every time. The scent of his past performances will help him go quickly.
6. For quicker puppy toilet training, take the puppy outside or for a walk first thing in the morning, 20 minutes after every meal and last thing at night. Do not play with him till he does the job.
7. If after 10 minutes there is no action, take him to the puppy potty training crate. Wait 10 to 15 minutes before taking him out again.
8. A puppy potty training trick is to feed your puppy at the same time every day. A routine goes a long way in dog toilet training.
9. Puppy potty training involves regular praise and rewards every time they do the job well.
10. A good idea till your dog reaches puppy potty training age would be to restrict him to rooms with washable floors, until puppy potty training is successful.
11. If you are staying in an apartment, you puppy potty train in the same way.

Still Have Puppy Potty Training Problems?
In spite of the above tips for puppy potty training techniques, you might require a bit of puppy potty training help. You will find useful the premium package of Sit Stay Fetch with its 5 hours of downloadable video files and step by step instructions on toilet training a puppy. You will learn the easiest method of potty training for puppies irrespective of their breed and age.Sit Stay Fetch was hugely helpful to me when I was potty training my puppy.

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Potty training puppies will help you say goodbye to messes and hello to a clean dog!

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Dog Obedience Training: Train Your Dog At Home Like A Professional
Every dog owner will experience dog obedience problems. Puppies are sweet smelling, cuddly and cute, but they can turn out to be embarrassingly badly behaved. This behaviour will persist, unless you begin dog obedience training at the earliest.

You can learn to impart dog obedience training at home yourself, so that you can build a stronger relationship with your pet. Get hold of an excellent resource, like Sit Stay Fetch, to help you with basic dog obedience training.

I'm Ready. Train Me!

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Obedience Training for Puppies: Start Early, Catch Them Young
Every one would like a well behaved happy dog. It is very important that you start dog training and obedience lessons at the earliest. Or else it would be that much harder to break long tanding habits. Get familiar with obedience training for puppies, so that you can catch them young. Once you bring a puppy home, you need to know puppy socialization, puppy potty training, crate training and clicker training.

Dog Obedience Problems: Dogs Have to be Trained

Sometimes dogs suffer from various behavior problems like chewing, digging, licking, excessive barking, separation anxiety, poop eating, dog to dog aggression, and aggression towards owners or children. These are easily overcome if handled properly, by following the right dog obedience training tips.

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To own a happy dog you need to learn how to train your dog step-by-step using the very latest dog obedience training techniques - your dog will love and respect you for it.

Dog Obedience Training Tips: How to have a Happy Dog

Here are 4 important points which you need to consider while undertaking obedience training for dogs.
1. Build a strong relationship with your dog based on mutual respect
2. Be confident that you can control your dog in any situation.
3. Socialize your dog properly, own a happy outgoing dog.
4. Don’t ever give harsh physical punishment. Any kind of cruelty will destroy the relationship.It is your responsibility to have a well behaved dog. Professional dog trainers can help you but you are finally the best person to train your puppy.

Dog Obedience Tips: Learn from the BestLooking for help in the following?

• To correct aggressive behavior problems of your dog
• To provide best possible obedience training for your puppy
• To teach advanced commands to your dog

This is by far the best dog training guide we have come across. The book is useful for obedience training for dogs of all breeds, irrespective of size and pedigree.

To train a dog in the right way, you need to learn how to instruct a puppy, how to solve dog behavior problems and how to provide firm and long-lasting obedience training to your dog. There are plenty of illustrations so you know right away if you are following the dog obedience training techniques rightly.
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How You Can Solve Your Dog Barking Problems within 14 Days
Our boxer dog was noisy from puppy hood. He just loved to bark! We tried everything but could not solve his behavior problems like barking, growling etc. After several months of trying and several phone calls from Animal Control, we handed over the dog to another family.
I was heart broken. I decided to teach myself how to become an owner of a happy dog. I did a lot of research on why dogs bark, show aggressive behaviors and attended several dog training schools and classes to find the root cause of this problem.

Here are 6 tips to stop your dog from barking, growling, howling, and whining based on my experience and research.

1. You should keep a daily log of your dog's vocalizations for at two weeks. Analyze the type of vocalization (barking, whining, etc.); the time it occurred, what was happening at the time in the surroundings, what your family members were doing, and what the dog was doing. This will help you to identify the root cause of the dog behavior problems.

2. Whining and howling in a dog are usually signs of discomfort or loneliness. If loud noise is the cause of whining, try petting your dog when the noise begins. If your dog feels uncomfortable with new people, only bring in one or two new people at a time. To avoid dog aggression towards children, introduce children carefully.

3. Once your dog is comfortable with situations at home, you need to take your dog outside to make him fully socialized.

4. If you are leaving you dog for few hours, you should always leave favorite toys, food and water out for your dog. Hot tip – leave your clothing specially unwashed underwear because your smell makes him more comfortable. A dog that is left alone for many hours a day is likely to be unhappy. You dog may suffer from separation anxiety.

5. If the dog perceives a threat, he may growl or bark. Encourage your guest to squat down and approach the dog slowly with their hand extended out, palm face up and always use calm, quiet voice to the dog.

6. You should start socializing a puppy right away. Puppies learn the tricks better because they do not have any bad dog behavior problems.

If you can identify the cause of the aggressive behavior, you can usually come up with a way to stop the behavior from occurring. However, you need patience for this.

Solve behavior problems fast with an effective dog training that works.

If you want to solve your dog behavior problems, you can join a dog training class in your locality but normally it costs few hundred dollars. You have to take a series of training, which requires lot of money and time.

I found an amazing dog training book – sitstayfetch by Daniel Stephen. You can buy the book online and I’m sure that you can solve your dog’s barking and growling problems within two weeks. If the problem is critical, you can get free email consultation from Daniel, author of the book. More than 50,000 people used this dog training book successfully and I’m sure you too will be benefited.

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How to leash train Your dog?
Loose leash walking is one of the most challenging behaviors to teach. In this article, I shared with few of my favorite techniques on leash walking which I personally use.
If you follow these techniques, you will not make any complaints that your is pulling their walks. You will enjoy walk with your dog and you will not require any prong collars or other devices that supposedly stop pulling.
5 tips for leash walking for dog owners
Tip#1 Choosing the Right Approach for the Age of Your Dog
Puppies (0-6 mos.) With puppies, I've found the best method is to have a few steps of highly reinforced loose leash and attention followed by a lot of playing/sniffing/exploring.
Adolescence (6 mos. - 3 years) If you have an adolescent dog, you must have a place where they can exercise themselves. Expecting an adolescent dog to pay attention and walk nicely before he has had a chance to work off some of his energy is setting you both up for failure.
Adult dog (3+ years) This is when you can take long walks and reasonably expect your dog to walk quietly -- this is, if you have built a reinforcement history. On and off is still a nice concept, and adults still have exercise needs and still need to get the work out.
Tip #2: Never try to walk a dog that has been cooped up all day.
If your dog has been lying around waiting for you, let him burn off some of his energy before you take him for a walk. Throw a ball, play tug-o-war, or do something to calm him down before the walk.
Tip #3: Use a gentle leader.
One of the best collars on the market is the gentle leader head collar. It works by controlling your dog's head. When you control the head you can control the body, much the same as a horse bridle is used. They really are great collars.
Tip #4: Teach him where you want him to be.
Your dog does not know that he is supposed to be walking on your side. Spend some time using a lure. Put a little piece of food in your left hand and hold it close to your dog's nose. Have him follow the lure; reward him every five or six feet. As he gets better, go for longer and longer periods.
Tip #5: Don't let your dog's opposition reflex kick in.
When you apply pressure, your dog will resist with counter-pressure. If you pull back on the leash, he will resist and pull harder...opposition reflex.The secret to leash walking is always keeping the leash loose. Don't allow the leash to become tight. So, next time your dog starts to pull on his leash, shut up and walk away!
Recommended Resource: Sit Stay Fetch Dog Training Guide by Daniel. Read sitstayfetch review based on my personal experience. Worldwide thousands people used the dog behavior training tips of sit stay fetch successfully.
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Further Reading On Leash Training:
1. http://www.amazingdogtrainingman.com/
2. http://www.clickersolutions.com/articles


Aggressive dog behavior problems

Dog aggression is a very serious behavior problem and should be dealt with correctly from the start. Common signs of dog aggression include growling, baring teeth, snarling, snapping and biting. The problem becomes critical when dog shows aggresion to its owner. Dog aggression towards children, other family members, owner and other dogs need to be handled very carefully.

Types of Dog Aggression

A dog may show more than one type of aggression.

Dominance aggression. Your dog may think that she is the alpha dog. There are dogs that have a greater predisposition for asserting themselves as predators. Male dogs and certain breeds have a greater tendency toward asserting their dominance over their territory, other dogs and people. The solution for this kind of dog is to get control quickly and establish your leadership through training.
Fear-based aggression. Dogs that are physically abused will build fear of that person and may react with defensive aggression one day. You should properly socialize your dog at a very early age, to people as well as to other dogs. Sometimes, hormonal medication will effectively treat the aggression in these dogs.
Territorial and Possessive aggression. A dog may be territorially aggressive over certain objects such as her bed, her home and her food bowl. Establishing your leadership and counter-conditioning this dog are essential. It is important to begin this training at a very early age.
What You Can Do When Your Dog Is Aggressive
When trying to deal with your dog's aggressive behavior, one of the first steps is to make sure there are no medical problems you are not aware of. You can spay or neuter your dog. Hormones are known to contribute to aggressive tendencies in intact dogs so it's more likely for them to show some kind of aggressive behavior.
Aggressive Dog Treatment
Get professional help from certified dog behavior consultant. Treatment is best handled by a professional dog trainer who has a lot of experience working with aggressive dogs.
Most aggressive dogs can be retrained under the right circumstances. Consult veterinarians or animal behaviorists for their opinions about whether your dog can be rehabilitated or should be put down.
Recommended Resources based on my personal experience:
I strongly recommend Sit Stay Fetch because they comprehensively cover all facets of dealing with dog aggression, dog food aggression and dog on dog aggression, plus many general dog ownership issues. If you are having trouble with specific issues with your dog, take advantage of the Sit Stay Fetch team's knowledge and experience; Simply email them and they'll help you work through the issues with your dog.
From all of the team here, we wish you all the best for dealing with your dog's aggression!

SitStayFetch Review - Dog Training Book

Sit Stay Fetch - Secrets to Stop Your Dog's Aggressive Behavior Problems Revealed!

My boxer dog, Price never seemed to grow out of his puppy hood. I tried every known method and then some tricks to stop his bad behavior but in vain. That was till I discovered Daniel Steven's e-book on dog training. With its help, I solved my dog behavior problems within 2 weeks.

Daniel Stevens, author of Sit Stay Fetch dog training guide book, is a professional and experienced canine trainer. Read this review of Sit Stay Fetch to know how Daniel's method can help you in your dog obedience training.


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SitStayFetch is a 186 page book comprising several sections, each handling a different aspect of dog ownership. Daniel's Sit Stay Fetch e-book covers all aspects of bringing up a well behaved, healthy dog - diet and nutrition, health care, prevention and correction of bad habits, and ways to communicate with and train your dog.

New and potential owners will learn how to select and raise a puppy. There is advise on how to handle dog bad behavior problems that usually bother dog owners - aggression, chewing, barking, digging,crate training, house training, biting/nipping, separation anxiety, urination, potty training fighting between dogs. Most of the training techniques are non-physical and will teach you how to understand and communicate effectively with your dog.

Dog heat behavior

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It will be the complete applied dog behavior and training book for you if

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We highly recommend Sit Stay Fetch by Daniel Stevens because of followings:

  • It is comprehensive, with a clear and easy step by step guide on dog training techniques.
  • In “SitStayFetch”, I found the most value in the fact that Daniel provides very clear-cut, step-by-step instructions with lots and lots of photographs in the obedience training segment.
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