Aggressive dog behavior problems

Dog aggression is a very serious behavior problem and should be dealt with correctly from the start. Common signs of dog aggression include growling, baring teeth, snarling, snapping and biting. The problem becomes critical when dog shows aggresion to its owner. Dog aggression towards children, other family members, owner and other dogs need to be handled very carefully.

Types of Dog Aggression

A dog may show more than one type of aggression.

Dominance aggression. Your dog may think that she is the alpha dog. There are dogs that have a greater predisposition for asserting themselves as predators. Male dogs and certain breeds have a greater tendency toward asserting their dominance over their territory, other dogs and people. The solution for this kind of dog is to get control quickly and establish your leadership through training.
Fear-based aggression. Dogs that are physically abused will build fear of that person and may react with defensive aggression one day. You should properly socialize your dog at a very early age, to people as well as to other dogs. Sometimes, hormonal medication will effectively treat the aggression in these dogs.
Territorial and Possessive aggression. A dog may be territorially aggressive over certain objects such as her bed, her home and her food bowl. Establishing your leadership and counter-conditioning this dog are essential. It is important to begin this training at a very early age.
What You Can Do When Your Dog Is Aggressive
When trying to deal with your dog's aggressive behavior, one of the first steps is to make sure there are no medical problems you are not aware of. You can spay or neuter your dog. Hormones are known to contribute to aggressive tendencies in intact dogs so it's more likely for them to show some kind of aggressive behavior.
Aggressive Dog Treatment
Get professional help from certified dog behavior consultant. Treatment is best handled by a professional dog trainer who has a lot of experience working with aggressive dogs.
Most aggressive dogs can be retrained under the right circumstances. Consult veterinarians or animal behaviorists for their opinions about whether your dog can be rehabilitated or should be put down.
Recommended Resources based on my personal experience:
I strongly recommend Sit Stay Fetch because they comprehensively cover all facets of dealing with dog aggression, dog food aggression and dog on dog aggression, plus many general dog ownership issues. If you are having trouble with specific issues with your dog, take advantage of the Sit Stay Fetch team's knowledge and experience; Simply email them and they'll help you work through the issues with your dog.
From all of the team here, we wish you all the best for dealing with your dog's aggression!

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