Potty Training Puppies: Made Easy With 11 Top Tips

Potty training puppies is an essential part of the education of well behaved dogs. The problem with dogs is that they think they can dirty any place any time. Puppy potty training involves toilet training puppies so that they learn to drop their waste outdoors or in a designated indoor area at fixed times.

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Easy Tips For Potty Training Puppies

1. Potty training your puppy needn’t be an overwhelming task. Consider it as the first stage of a bonding process with your pet.
2. Start potty training a puppy as soon as you get him home. You will have to be patient as puppies do not have full control of their urges until they are about 10 weeks old.
3. Think of a puppy potty train command to use every potty time, like “pee pee time” or “go potty”. When you see your pup getting ready to do his thing, say the command words.
4. When potty training a puppy, if you notice him sniffing and circling around or even in the middle of the act, grab him and quickly take him to his potty box. Give your command words to go potty.
5. During the dog toilet training, take him to the same spot every time. The scent of his past performances will help him go quickly.
6. For quicker puppy toilet training, take the puppy outside or for a walk first thing in the morning, 20 minutes after every meal and last thing at night. Do not play with him till he does the job.
7. If after 10 minutes there is no action, take him to the puppy potty training crate. Wait 10 to 15 minutes before taking him out again.
8. A puppy potty training trick is to feed your puppy at the same time every day. A routine goes a long way in dog toilet training.
9. Puppy potty training involves regular praise and rewards every time they do the job well.
10. A good idea till your dog reaches puppy potty training age would be to restrict him to rooms with washable floors, until puppy potty training is successful.
11. If you are staying in an apartment, you puppy potty train in the same way.

Still Have Puppy Potty Training Problems?
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