how to stop barking dogs

Dog behavior problems like house soiling, affect only a dog's owner but excessive barking can result in neighborhood disputes and violations of animal control ordinances. Therefore, barking dogs can become "people problems." The two most common types of "anti-barking" laws are the multiple-household laws and the consecutive-disruption ordinances.

How to stop barking dogs

The first thing you need to do is determine when and for how long your dog barks, and what's causing him to bark. You may need to do some detective work to obtain this information, especially if the barking occurs when you're not home. If the main purpose of having a dog is security, barking dog will be helpful for you.

Your dog is barking because you have placed him in a situation in which it is more rewarding for him to bark than it is for him to be quiet. You can take help from barking dog trainers and train your puppy using barking dog training aids. I found sit stay fetch by Danniel is an excellent resource to learn how to stop a barking dog. You can read stop barking dog review.

Non barking dog breeds

There is no such non barking dog. You should look for dog breed with minimum barking and dog aggression. I found Australian Bulldog, English Bull Terrier; Pug are good in this respect.

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