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The Shih Tzu is not like many other breeds of dog in that it has a very independent attitude and likes to think for itself. Many dogs can learn an activity like housebreaking through constant repetition and with the mindful training of their owner. However a Shih Tzu needs to not only accept the activity as something it does not mind doing but it also must make it a habit and that is the most difficult thing about housebreaking a Shih Tzu. Only a Shih Tzu can teach itself habits, you just have to show it what you want and hope it understands.

At some point some Shih Tzu owners think that Shih Tzu paper training may work in their house breaking attempts.

With that being said some people still like to engage in Shih Tzu paper training as a part of housebreaking efforts and honestly that may do more harm than good. A Shih Tzu, for as intelligent as they are, can get confused very easily and if you have been engaged in the same housebreaking routine for months and then you suddenly change it that can cause many problems for your dog.

Even then you need to understand that a Shih Tzu is probably not going to react to paper training like any other breed of dog would react to it. It is so vitally important to be sure that you are doing paper training only after trying conventional housebreaking methods for at least six months.

It is assumed that you have established a living area for your Shih Tzu in your home because that is step number one in housebreaking. If the Shih Tzu is going in areas just around the living area then try expanding its living area to include the soiled areas and then move its bedding close to, but not on, the soiled area. Then resume normal housebreaking activities. A Shih Tzu will not soil where it sleeps so maybe it will understand going outside better if you keep forcing it to sleep near soiled areas.

Shih Tzu paper training should almost not be necessary if you are engaged in the other correct ways to housebreak your Shih Tzu but if paper training is a route you want to take then move their living area to encircle the area they are soiling the most. Cover the soiled area with layers of papers and praise the dog when it uses the papers. Keep the papers clean but keep a small amount of soiled paper with the fresh paper so the dog knows it is okay to use them. Then slowly start moving the whole thing towards the door until the dog associates outside with bathroom activities.

You will probably need to keep your Shih Tzu confined to its living area for a while but remember that the Shih Tzu can get bored after only a couple of hours and they can get confused if they are confined for too long.

That is why you should be taking your Shih Tzu out every 45 minutes when you are home and keep them confined when they are not being taken outside. The Shih Tzu can be frustrating but stay with it if you want to train them right.

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